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Unit Turnover Cleaning and Painting

As a property manager, you know that when a tenant moves out, time is of the essence to get the unit tenant-ready in as little time as possible. Ideally, you’ll want to have all the work done and get a tenant there in about 30 days, so you will only lose one month of rent. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have a professional step in to complete the cleaning, prep work, and painting.

Touch With Care offers industry-leading unit turnover cleaning and painting services for residential and commercial clients in Toronto and the surrounding area. Whether an individual apartment, a multi-family apartment, or even balconies or exterior surfaces, our highly trained, licensed, and insured painters will exceed your requirements and expectations.

Why Invest in Professional Unit Turnover Cleaning and Painting?

To attract quality tenants, you can’t advertise or show a poorly painted unit. Touch With Care recognizes the value of your time and investment by painting vacant units with quality materials and great attention to detail.

Painting can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. There are rare instances where only a few touch-ups might be needed after the tenant moves out, but 85-90% of the time, it will require a complete repaint of the apartment. That means that every wall, every corner, and every edge needs to be cleaned, prepped and repainted in order to appeal to your prospective tenants.

In addition to having it done quickly and correctly by an experienced technician, come tax season, you can expense out the entire cost of painting as an improvement on your rental property.

A Dependable Addition to Your "Rent-Ready" Team

Touch With Care offers industry-leading apartment turnover painting for residential apartment clients. Our licensed and insured painters will exceed your requirements and expectations.

When your maintenance division is ready for us, we swoop in and get the job done on time, and on budget, using quality tools and materials to get your unit to looking “as new” as possible.

Unit Turnover Cleaning and Painting Services From Touch With Care : Satisfaction Guaranteed

Touch With Care is dedicated to offering high-quality cleaning and painting services. Our commitment to customer service excellence is exemplified by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn how we can help with your apartment turnover painting needs, contact us to discuss how we can bring life back to rental property.