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Tobacco and Cigarette Odour Removal

How Touch With Care Removes Smoke Odour from a Property

Removing tobacco residue is often very difficult and requires specialized equipment and techniques. At Touch With Care, our restoration specialists begin by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces using deodourizing agents and special detergents designed to address microscopic particles from cigarette smoke. The cleaning includes:

Comprehensive Cleaning Techniques

We start by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in the affected area. This includes:

Walls and Ceilings: Using specialized cleaners to remove the sticky residue.

Floors and Carpets: Deep cleaning with professional-grade equipment.

Furniture and Fixtures: Cleaning and deodorizing all hard surfaces.

Nicotine Cleaning & Fogging: Surfaces are cleaned with a nicotine eliminator cleaner. After cleaning, a Fogger is used to eliminate smoke odour.

About the Nicotine & Fogging Process

Nicotine Cleaning

After cleaning, a Fogger is used to eliminate smoke odour. The process involves:

  • Using specialized equipment to address any lingering odours within walls or joints
  • Applying sealant to surfaces to prevent the persistence of any remaining odours

Final Steps

  • The space is painted and refinished.
  • A second assessment is conducted to ensure the complete removal of bad odours.

Timing: The cleaning and fogging are done before the painting.

Nicotine Fogging

An electrical pump forces solution drawn from the solution reservoir through an atomizing nozzle and into a thermostatically controlled heating chamber in the barrel. The solution is vaporized instantly, producing a cloud of smoke-like fog that surges out of the end of the barrel.

Thermal Fogging VS Ozone Treatment

While Ozone Treatment is another method for odour control, Ozone can be a reactive gas and may pose risks if not handled correctly. We believe Thermal Fogging offers a superior and safer alternative:

Effectiveness: It closely mimics the size of smoke particles, allowing the fog to penetrate deep into surfaces, just like the original odour-causing particles.

Safety: Thermal fogging minimizes health risks associated with carcinogenic debris, making it a safer option for odour control.

Efficiency: It is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution that does not leave residue, making it a clean and efficient choice for odour removal.

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