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Flood Water Damage

flood water damage

Flood Damage Restoration Services and Emergency 1-Hour Service

Flood or water damage at your residential or commercial property is disruptive. That’s why we provide fast and efficient water damage restoration services, including water removal, flood cleanup, and emergency 1-hour service.

We focus on four priorities in any flood situation:

Our emergency cleanup and restoration services in the  Greater Toronto area are the right solution for your problem. We are among the best of Canada’s restoration services.

What To Do If You Have A Flood

When dealing with water damage, it’s extremely important to take the correct steps to avoid further damage. To mitigate the damage, call an experienced commercial cleaning company with highly trained staff who can quickly start the restoration process.


1. Call Touch With Care’s emergency line: (905) 624-5555
2. Wait for our staff to arrive and review our document: While You Wait Safety Tips

Water Damage Removal and Drying

It is extremely important to remove all water as quickly as possible. Touch With Care remediation specialists will respond within one hour to your emergency call to provide water damage restoration in Mississauga, ON and the Greater Toronto Area.

Whether it is a bathroom that suffered from an overflowing toilet or a burst pipe, we will:

Flood Restoration Services in Toronto area

If you are knee-deep in water, you just want to get your home or business restored as quickly as possible. Touch With Care understands the urgency and moves quickly to provide flood restoration in Toronto, Mississauga, and the surrounding area.

We send our flood restoration professionals directly to your property in Toronto, Mississauga and area to help you assess the problems that you face and plan accordingly. Our goal is to restore your building or house to its original state as quickly as possible and get over the disaster quickly and effortlessly.

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