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Property Managers: Should You Paint a Rental Apartment When It Becomes Vacant?

To paint or not to paint? As a property manager, should you paint your rental apartment when it becomes vacant?

Property Managers: Should You Paint a Rental Apartment When It Becomes Vacant?

For rental apartments, a vacancy can make or break the owner’s bottom line. Choosing to paint it is a good return on investment for many. Here’s our take on when and why to paint a rental when it becomes vacant.

Should You Have Your Rental Repainted Every Time?

It may not be cost-effective to paint a unit after every turnover. In general, rental apartments get painted every 2 – 5 years. But when looking for a new tenant, first impressions are important. Clean, freshly painted walls, doors, and trim throughout the rental will create an image of the clean, properly cared for property and are more likely to get you a responsible tenant. Unsightly scuff marks, dents, and stains show just the opposite.

Further, lead paint, wallpaper, peeling, and chipping paint should be addressed before the tenant moves in. Worst case scenario, you might have smoke (tobacco) damage, very grimy surfaces, mould, or extreme damage. In these cases, the unit may require a deep cleaning, some patching and prepping, and several coats of paint. A refresh of ceilings and baseboards can also make a big impact on the overall look of a unit.

On the other hand, simple scuff marks and dents on the wall can be removed easily. Consider that an unnecessary painting will add another layer to the walls. If a thorough cleaning will do the job, all the better.

How Often Should a Rental Property Be Painted?

There are no set rules on how often the rental property must be painted. Before making a final decision on repainting the entire rental property, consider the following:

  • Can any dirt and scuff marks be cleaned with soap and water?
  • Is there actual damage to the walls that will require more thorough patching?
  • Is there any fire or grease damage?
  • Do you need to repaint every room or just the high-traffic areas?
  • How does your property compare to the competition? That new coat of paint might be the one thing that makes your property stand out.

Should You Hire a Professional?

Obviously, we think so, but consider that every landlord or property manager knows that time is money when it comes to getting the rental ready for a new tenant. To minimize your losses, it is best to hire a pro. If you’re wondering if should you paint a rental apartment when it becomes vacant, we have the expertise, the equipment, and a team of experienced technicians to get the job done quickly with outstanding results.

Touch With Care offers industry-leading apartment turnover painting services for residential and commercial clients in Toronto and the surrounding area. Our highly trained, licensed, and insured painters will exceed your requirements and expectations. Contact us for details if you are looking for a dependable and professional painting team to help with your apartment turnover painting needs.