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How to Prevent Spring Water Damage

How to Prevent Spring Water Damage

In Canada, spring can mean a lot of wet weather and big storms. Here’s a quick guide on how to make sure that water damage from a flood is the least of your concerns.

Unclog your drainage system

Your gutters, downspouts, and drains accumulate dirt and debris during the dry months. A clogged drainage system makes it hard for water to flow out of your roof, causing damage to the roof and gutters. Clogged drains increase the risk of water damage due to overflow from the roof and other parts of your home or condo.

Clean your eavestroughs and downspouts before spring begins to ensure that the water flows down without blockages and obstructions. Make sure your gutters and drains are in good condition and replace damaged or leaking parts.

Inspect your roof

Your roof is the part of your property that is most susceptible to flood water damage during storms. Check your roof (safely) for damaged or broken shingles and replace them. Make repairs to bulging and leaky parts to reduce the risk of flooding during storms.

Repair cracks and weak points in the foundation

Small cracks and damaged parts in the basement and foundation can increase the risk of water damage to your home. These cracks grow into holes that seep in water during floods. The high water pressure during floods widens the cracks and holes, causing structural damage to your property. Reduce the risk of damage and flooding during spring storms by repairing cracks and other weak points in the foundation and basement.

Seal all major openings

During storms, water can enter your home or property through the most unlikely places. Broken door and window seals allow water to enter, leading to flooding and property damage. You can prevent such leaks by checking the condition of the seals around your windows and doors. Look out for cracked caulking, broken parts, and loose screws and make repairs and replacements where necessary.

Install a backflow pipe in the basement

Sometimes municipal sewer systems can be overwhelmed by flood water during storms. This excess water may flow back to the sewer lines on your property, leading to flooding. You can mitigate such risks by plumbing the fixtures at the lowest points on your property. Install a sewer backflow valve at strategic points to divert backflow water away from your sewer lines and back into the main municipal sewer system.

Hire professionals

You can prevent spring water damage by conducting routine property checks and repairs. However, some tasks may require professional services. We are experts in residential and commercial flood prevention.

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